Indiana, L.A, Sleazy, Hard Rock, Paranoia, Fucking Rock actitud, Rock and Roll Star, One in a million, fucking Crazy, Illusions, Destruction, fuck you, my world, rain in november, first roses then guns .... Jungle, Silence, Patience, Sorry, Better, here today  .... gone to hell.

......  this post for you!!!!!!!

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And with my laughter all things will be reduced to their proper size. I will laugh at my failures and they will vanish in clouds of new dreams; I will laugh at my successes and they will shrink to their true value. I will laugh at evil and it will die untasted; I will laugh at goodness and it will thrive and abound. Each day will be triumphant only when my smiles bring forth smiles from others and this l do in selfishness, for those on whom l flown are those who purchase not my goods. cheap tiffany co jewelry